Magic Mesh, as seen on TV is like a screen door but it is also portable. In addition, it almost like a curtain on a door, instead of a door. The Magic Mesh is put on the outside of your door and that way it opens from the middle and not from the side like a screen door.

With Magic Mesh, there are no door handles to deal with but instead all you have to do is walk through the mesh in the middle. Once you go through the mesh, the door closes automatically behind you and that closes the mesh until the next time a person comes through.

There are several benefits that come with a Magic Mesh screen door such as feeling safer. With this kind of door, you don’t need to lock it. When you are done using the mesh door, you close it and then lock your regular door. This kind of screen door is also very convenient. The Magic Mesh screen door makes it easy to go in and out; especially if you are carrying something heavy. With this kind of screen door all you have to do is walk through the door and then when you’re through, the mesh parts of the door close behind you.

Then, once warm weather is over, you can take it done and then store it in a closet or drawer until spring and warm weather returns. This screen door is so easy to use and store and makes coming and going a breeze.

Most importantly, the Magic Mesh Screen door is affordable and can be purchased online. Once you buy the Magic Mesh Screen door, you will wonder how you lived without one! Check the Magic Mesh Screen door website for this very useful and effective product.

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