Do you smoke or know someone who does? Smoking today isn’t nearly as common or popular as it was in the early to mid 1900’s. During that period in time in the Southern states of America, smoking was just something everyone did even at the early ages of 7 years old. Throughout the years and with multiple researches conducted, it was discovered that smoking was the #1 leading cause of lung cancer and even heart disease.

Today, many old-timers from those time periods are struggling with lung cancer and where there is a problem there is a solution or in this case a invention for cure. From the Journal of Lung Cancer: Targets and Therapy by editor-in-chief Professor Pan-Chyr Yang found at Dove Medical Press, an inventor quickly got to work in hopes to change the world. His result was the LCBG as seen on TV standing for Lung Cancer Be Gone, a special face mask that will release a vapor vaccine to kill cancer cells.

This invention is similar to what you could expect to see on youtube for other forms of lung treatment. It is a big step forward with all credit given to Dove Medical Press for their work.

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