Magic Mesh is an interesting concept. The prospect of easily opening and closing a screened door, a door that opens and closes upon entering or leaving its accessway of a flexible door-sized screen composed of two flexible screened door panels is a wonderful idea especially for pet lovers. How many times does”Fido” or “Kesha” the cat wish to leave the house to relieve themselves when always the own has to stop whatever he is doing to let the pet out?

The pet can freely nudge his nose through the fluid-like opening composed of two screened panels attached longitudinally, and spaced out along the center on both sides of screened panels, an aligned row of magnets designed to magnetize to each others edges to close these two panels together if separated or nudged apart. The pet is free to exit and enter at it’s leisure, the owner never leaving his activity, even if only to sustain his sitting television watching posture!

Another great advantage is, when panels are affixed correctly, bugs especially those nasty flies and moths and mosquitos, are all kept out of one’s place of residence. The opening of the panels, because they are magnetized, shut tight immediately causes bugs infrequently if any, entrance into the home. This allows for a cleaner and quieter environment since no annoying flies are flitting about and managing to land on every exposed conceivable food source from salt shakers to butter dishes to sipping cups which become polluted with their nasty and germ-carrying bodies, that manage to be kept out at the time.

This author has a magic mesh and found upon some patience needed to affix magnets and meshing to door frames the panels managed to stay affixed quite well allowing xiting and entering and panels immediately closing upon passing thru the doorway.

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