Magic Mesh is a screen made up of 18 powerful magnets that keeps the bugs out for you, while it keeps the fresh air in. It allows you or your family to go out, hands free while it opens and closes automatically. This fits a standard door or double doors. This comes with a 30 day refund. You can get your all your money back except for shipping and handling.

Some screen doors can cost more than $500 plus installation! This door is expensive and needs to be installed professionally. Magic Mesh is inexpensive and can be installed easily by you!

The beauty about Magic Mesh is that it allows you to enjoy and pay more attention to your guest if you are hosting a barbeque or an outdoor event. They are easy to set up as they don’t require any special tools. The nice thing about them is that they open and close fast not allowing time for the bugs to get in. Plus the shipping is fast and they are inexpensive.

You can get Magic Mesh for your domestic pets too. Cats or dogs can come and go as they please. The screen will automatically open and close fast as they come back. This will help cut down on fleas too.

Whether Magic Mesh is for your home, pets or both, this product stops bugs from entering the home. It keeps you home more disease free. Plus everyone is happier.

You will also be sent a mystery gift when you order from the website, as well. After you pay the shipping, you should have it within your first two weeks.

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