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Magic Mesh is one of the latest infomercial products, which can be enjoyed by the whole family. It is a light screening curtain, which is made without handles. This curtain like door, opens up, by just walking through it. The Magic Mesh will instantly close tightly behind you, due to the strong magnets which are built into the middle of it. This convenient product, can be enjoyed in residential homes, recreational vehicles and motor homes. Magic Mesh is great for campers, corporate offices and is a convenience for apartment balcony sliding doors.

As a do-it-yourself product, the Magic Mesh is very easy to install, without nails and labor intensive work. Because of the Magic Mesh Velcro strips and accompanying wood tacks, it can be applied to any surface and will remain in place until it is removed. The 18 magnets within the Magic Mesh, operate on the magnetic principle of two opposite poles, a north pole and a south pole, being opposites and which are attracted to each other. With the Magic Mesh screen panels, which can accommodate any size person or pet, your pets can effortlessly come and go on their own.

Children and senior citizens, especially if someone is in a wheel chair, can go through the mesh screen’s hand free panels, while it snaps shut immediately behind them. Made from lightweight polyester, the Magic Mesh screen panels, allow it to be more sound proof, than that of a standard screen door. It’s panel material is very durable, for continued use every day and has been proven to last for years. With the Nile virus prevalent in the news, mosquitoes and other bugs are deterred from entering any residence, through the Magic Mesh application.

The Magic Mesh is widely advertised on TV infomercials, thus it can be found and purchased in large brick and mortar retail stores. Consumers can indeed, order it from popular online web stores, through special offers, such as buy one – get one free promotions, as well as coupon specials. The Magic Mesh is enclosed in a colorful green box, containing two mesh panels at 83 inches x 19.5 inches and a hook/loop straps with installation fasteners. Magic Mesh is a savings, not only in electric bills, but also in your pocket book. Purchasing more than one box of Magic Mesh, is so cost effective, that consumers can buy this product for all the doors in their office, RV and at home.

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