Best As Seen On TV Products: Magic Mesh

Is the Magic Mesh the right choice for your home? This question is easy to answer if you get enough information about the product. We will take a look at several things that many people want to know about this interesting product.

What Do You Need To Do To Install It?

The first thing you need to do is ensure the surface around your door is clean. If your door opens outside, you need install the Magic Mesh on the inside of your home. If it opens inside, you need to install it on the outside of your house. Next measure the door you are going to be installing it in, and be sure to note where the center on the doorway is. Take your Magic Mesh and spread it out on the floor. You will want the magnets to line up with the center of your doorway. After you have your new screen centered; all you need to do is put the mesh through the provided hooks, and then tape the sticky side on the top of your mesh to the wall.

Can You Clean Your Magic Mesh?

If you end up getting some dirty looking spots on your Magic Mesh, all you need to do is take a damp cloth and some soap to it. Because it is made out of polyester, you can’t clean it at the dry cleaners or put it in your dryer. Finally make sure to never use any harsh chemical products on it, or you could end up damaging it.

Contacting Customer Support If You Need Help

If a product has customer support free, you know they are going to stand behind what they sell. Contacting the makers of Magic Mesh is no problem. By doing a quick search online, you can find their toll free phone number and physical address.

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