This screen door is obviously NOT well built. It’s flimsy and looks ready to fall off. Magic Mesh is strong and sturdy!

Magic Mesh is a screened door that closes on its own. No more having the put those groceries on the floor and dive after your cat as he tries to run outside. No more inviting mosquitoes and moths into your house for him to hunt down. The Magic Mesh is a net-like screened door that opens on both sides from the center, like parting a beaded door. Then 18 magnets strategically placed along both sides of the door’s opening make it snap back together. The Magic Mesh Offer is more easily understood by seeing it because it is a unique but extremely simple concept that you will be amazed no one has thought of before. You can enjoy the weather on a sunny spring day and let the smells of blooming flowers fill your home. Allow your pets the pleasure of a full view of the outside with out fearing for their safety. They are a steal for the price, and there are occasionally promotions such as buy one get one sales. And don’t you hate the sound of a slamming screened door? With magic mesh you just hear the snapping of magnets. It require no tools to install and comes with complete instructions. Magic Mesh is inimitable and truly the door of the future.

You may think that it is actual magic, but it’s Magic Mesh!

The official website has all of the details you need and customer representatives are always available. A Magic Mesh would make an ideal gift or addition to your home. One day, Magic Mesh will become the standard screen door, so you should get it before everyone else does to stay on the cutting edge. It’s also perfect for campers, so you can enjoy the outdoors and keep mother nature outside.


Marcelo Lavista · February 11, 2013 at 6:17 pm

we are a uruguayan company in south america and we want to get in touch with you , tell us waht to do or send us your mailing adress

    MagicMesh · February 21, 2013 at 5:49 am

    Hey Marcelo, thanks for contacting us. I’ve sent you an email with details.

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