What is Magic Mesh?

When the weather is nice it’s great to be able to leave windows and doors open to let fresh air in. While most windows have screens, many doors do not unless they’re specially installed, which can be expensive. An inexpensive alternative is Magic Mesh. This product will act like a screen but doesn’t require a free hand to open and close like a screen door does.

Ease of Installation and Use

Installing Magic Mesh is quick and easy, requiring no tools. You can place it exactly where you want it with heavy duty Velcro attachments that you simply stick to the outside of the door, then match the Velcro on the Magic Mesh to the proper location and press.

Magic Mesh is different from other self-installed mesh doors since you don’t need your hands to open or close it. Push through at the convenient panel split and simply walk out without a thought to closing it again. Eighteen magnets immediately snap the door closed as soon as you’re clear. This also leaves little time available for bugs to be able to enter your home.

Magic Mesh can be used in homes, apartments, campers, trailers and virtually any other type of structure with an outside door. It can also be easily taken down and put up in a different location in minutes or taken down and put away for the season.

Additional Benefits of the Magic Mesh Door

Replaces Pet Doors – There’s no need to buy a special door that fits your home with a pet door already installed or install a new pet door into your existing door, both expensive and labor intensive endeavors. Magic Mesh allows even small dogs to push through easily, with the magnets sealing it shut behind them so there’s no need to let pets in and out on their signal.

Green Energy – Magic Mesh alleviates the necessity for air conditioning during nice weather using air from the outside to cool the home. Two inexpensive Magic Mesh doors installed on opposite sides of the residence will provide cross ventilation and create a refreshing breeze even during hot weather, saving a significant amount of money and energy.

Whether your hands are full or you have family members you have to constantly remind to shut the door behind them, Magic Mesh solves your problems. This translucent mesh lets in sun and air for your enjoyment while allowing people and pets to enter and exit without concern over bugs entering with them as a result of the 18 magnets which snap the door shut quickly. Compared to the traditional screen door which you need to open and close, has no advantages for pets, and is expensive to fit and install Magic Mesh is a fantastic alternative.

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