Is Magic Mesh is the answer to bugless summers?
Now there’s an inexpensive product on the market for those summertime woes of not having a screen door. Magic Mesh is a magical portal that keeps the bugs out, and fresh air can flow in. Nothing is more annoying that those pesky mosquitos and other insects while enjoying that summer meal. Magic Mesh is a mesh screen curtain that hangs in the doorway. The two panels connect with eighteen magnets that automatically close when anyone passes through the opening. It is perfect for those individuals who forget to close the door, or your arms are too filled to do so. Children are known to go in and out leaving doors open; magic mesh will solve this problem. It is also convenient for people in wheelchairs, and pets can come and go also. Now inclement weather does not have to keep you closed up in the house. Magic Mesh keeps the rain out, and you have clear visibility seeing through it.

Magic Mesh is easy to install.
No hammers, nails, or screw drivers are needed. Velcro strips and wood tacks are included in the packaging for do-it yourself installation. The lightweight polyester fabric is durable and has a long life span. The 83” x 19.5” panels can be installed in home, sliding doors, cabin, campers, and even RV doorways.

Inexpensive screen door.
For the relatively low price of $19.95 plus shipping and handling, this handy curtain-like apparatus makes those summer days more enjoyable. even offers buy one get one sales. Having two curtains makes it convenient so it doesn’t have to be taken down and moved from place to the other.

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