It doesn’t require much of a leap in logic to wonder whether Magic Mesh’s ability to let the family dog enter and exit the house without any assistance would also allow unwanted animals to come strolling in. This is a concern commonly raised by prospective consumers who see Magic Mesh as a convenient option for their pets, so several pet owners who already use Magic Mesh on a regular basis chimed in to offer some practical advice on the subject.

Stuart Lyall, a travel expert who has used Magic Mesh in Australia and Oregon while traveling with his two dogs, noted that he did not experience any issue with unwanted animals in either location, both of which are known for having wild animals that are perhaps a bit more curious than those residing in other parts of the world. Even while living in remote locations, few users have ever reported an animal other than a family pet attempting to use Magic Mesh to enter the house.

Users like Lyall have found that Magic Mesh is an ideal product to use in a variety of circumstances, but if there is some concern about unwanted animals coming into the house, simply maintaining a line of sight with the door from the home’s interior or exterior should be more than enough. If a wild animal seems curious enough to consider entering the home by using Magic Mesh, the homeowner can easily scare the animal away by making a loud sound or a sudden movement. As an added measure of precaution, traditional doors should be used during times when wild animals are most likely to be active.

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